Year of the QWERTY

The incredible success story of Palm Treo line and the Blackberry 8xxx series with its Qwerty-keyboard made almost every major smartphone and handset maker in the world running behind it, to win a small piece of this huge growing market, some decided to create crazy keyboard recipe, like the upcoming Sony Ericsson P970, or the Blackberry 7100 series, which prove to be successful as well, and others decided to run with the flow and compete with Palm in the Qwerty world, some of this devices include Moto Q, Nokia E series, iPAQ hw series, and the much anticipated P990 from Sony Ericsson, however, if you like Tim Nguyen, editor-in-chief and webmaster,, placed any of this devices side by side against the Treo line; you’ll see that none of this smartphones give the Treo Qwerty experience which we all love.

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