New user-friendly Bluetooth device packaging

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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has kicked off its new Experience Icon Program to guide consumers in purchasing interoperable products and enhance the visibility of the many uses of Bluetooth wireless technology. The new icons will represent the functions; print, input, headset, transfer, and music, and it’ll at a glance tell consumers and retailers about the products’ Bluetooth enabled functionalities to aid the purchase and sales process.

Bluetooth technology consists of profiles that define how devices perform certain applications together. The icons help simplify the number of profiles consumers are exposed to by grouping use cases. “New applications utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology have gained momentum in the last year,” said Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director of the Bluetooth SIG. “We found it beneficial to simplify the way member companies illustrate their products’ capabilities which in turn will simplify the way consumers understand functionalities of their devices, making the Bluetooth technology experience an even easier one for everyone.”

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