Highlight from Palm, Inc CFO Presentation (Part III)

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Highlight from Andrew J. Brown, Palm, Inc. Chief Financial Officer, presentation at the Eighth Annual Needham Growth Conference in the New York Palace Hotel, New York.

Roadmap Direction:

:: New smartphones with multiple technologies for different carriers.
:: Multiple OS and email platforms (to address different segments).
:: New smartphones at various price points.
:: Implement next-generation radio technology.
:: Lower warranty costs to increase customer satisfaction.
:: Develop Apps/OOBE/Technologies around carriers specific network services.
:: Future Treo line with different feature, functionality, form factor and design.

PalmDubai.Net Note:

Palm, Inc partnership with Microsoft is as much important to Palm as it is to Microsoft, as you all know Palm started working with Microsoft two years ago to deliver 3G Window Mobile TreoSmartphone. With the Window Mobile Palm was able to jump back in the middle of the race to bring 3G technologies to many Palm users around the world, and mostly in the EMEA market, a market Palm is starving to bring its next generation product to it, a market where products with new technologies hit shelves the next day after announcement, and beta product is tested by entire city.

Without Window Mobile we might’ve waited one more year or even more for research and redevelopment for the current OS to be able to use a UMTS Palm smartphone, by that time Palm will defiantly lose the EMEA market to another player like Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens or even Nokia, they all currently delivering 3G smartphones, and some how they even managed to cut 3G smartphones price to half end of last year.

In a research released last week; 3G subscriber penetration in the region expected to triple this year, and Palm managed to sign one of its biggest 3G smartphone contract with a European carrier which Palm still refuse to name, and for sure it won’t be long before Palm sign even more carriers to it list.

Palm also plan to release PalmOS Treo smartphone this year to assure the community that they not in anyway leaving the loyal Palm OS users around the world, but the new smartphone will not support 3G technologies, which is not supported currently ’til Access release the new Linux version of the OS.

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